• Lent Lobster Rolls & Bisque 2022

    For the past 6 years, we've had a Lent Tradition of making Lobster Rolls and Bisque, and it's coming back Friday!

    For every Friday during Lent, we will have homemade Lobster Rolls and Lobster Bisque available. If you order a meal you can choose either a half or a full sandwich, it will also come with the Bisque, French Fries!

    • Full Combo - $18.99 (Full Lobster Roll, Cup of Lobster Bisque, and French Fries)
    • 1/2 Combo - $15.99 (Half Lobster Roll, Cup of Lobster Bisque, and French Fries)
    • Full Lobster Roll Only - $9.99
    • 1/2 Lobster Roll Only - $6.99
    • 8 oz Cup of Bisque - $6.99

    Order Now!

    You can also order just the Roll or just the Bisque. To pre-order your meal, use this link, select any Friday in Lent for the date, and look under "Friday Specials." Available at both Saddleback BBQ locations. 

  • Saddleback Staples - Baby Back Ribs

    Here at Saddleback, we prefer baby back ribs with a little bite to them.  We think baby backs provide a better flavor with more meat and less fat, and this taste is only enhanced by our pork rub, which brings out both Texas and Carolina flavors. We start by smoking the ribs bone-down for 4-6 hours before flipping for another 2 hours.  At this point, the bone barely pops away, giving the rib a consistency that won’t fall apart on the customer and will be easy to eat. We serve them standalone in half or full racks, but have also used them on our special Saddleback rib-sandwich.  Hoping to make its return in the near future, our rib sandwich comes in full (6 bones) and half (3-4 bones) sizes, is smothered with our sweet and savory sauce and topped with our housemade pickles on a hoagie bun.

  • Saddleback Staples - Sweet Potatoes

    While most places will give you a sweet potato as fries or twice baked, Saddleback gives its customers a mashed sweet potato. We start by cooking down raw sweets before baking and pulling them, then mixing in brown sugar and margarine.  While this is happening, we reduce vernors down to a caramelized syrup, add in brown sugar, cloves, and ginger before mixing it together with the sweet potatoes. An already wonderfully tasting flavor is supplemented with crispy sweet straws, which we make by slicing up a whole sweet potato into spaghetti-like pieces, fried to a bright orange and seasoned with sugar, cinnamon, and keyane. Consistent with a sweet potato pie, this is a wonderful fall and winter dish that adds unique flavors to a classic side dish.

  • Saddleback Staples - Pulled Chicken

    Saddleback does its pulled chicken a lot differently than most barbeque restaurants. Most places you go to will smoke a whole chicken, or separate it out into thighs or breasts, and smoke it with the bone-out and add no seasonings.  Here at Saddleback, we give our customers chicken straight from the source.  We start with all-dark-meat leg and thigh quarters, and put them on the smoker for 4 hours with the bone in and skin on.  We believe this process helps hold in the moisture and juices that give the pulled chicken a truly fresh flavor with great coloring. 

  • Saddleback Staples - Poutine

    Poutine has strong roots in Canada, and we tried to put a barbeque spin on it here at Saddleback. We had the idea for poutine because we were wasting all of our pork and chicken bones, and wanted to put them into something that customers would love.  When making poutine, the gravy is the piece that ties the rest of the dish together.  We start with a roux of flour and margarine, then add in some chicken and pork stock.  Next, we will take our chicken and pork bones and boil them together with carrots, celery, onions and garlic to make a smoky tasting gravy.  This gravy goes on top of our seasoned fries, cheese curds, and smoked meat, and the dish is finished with green onions and a little of our pork rub. 

  • Saddleback Staples - Chips and French Onion Dip

    People who have lived in the Lansing area know about QDs french onion dip, and our owners grew up with the dish and loved it.  When Saddleback opened it’s Okemos location, the owners decided they wanted to bring a QD-style french onion dip to saddleback, and we strived to make a recipe that compared and succeeded.  In fact, this is another one of those Okemos sides that we tried to implement with the grand opening, and it has survived since due to its popularity.  The freshness, coolness and creaminess of the dip pairs perfectly with the spiciness of our housemade chips. With a great onion and garlic flavor, our french onion dip and chips make the perfect starter or side to any of our main courses.

  • Saddleback Staples - Pulled Pork

    Similar to brisket, traditional pulled pork is generally categorized as either a more spicy, Texas style or a sweet, Carolina style.  Here at Saddleback, we try to give you pulled pork that falls somewhere in between the two. Saddleback Matt created our pork rub recipe which brings out the best of both Texas and Carolina flavors which we continue to use today.  We use whole pork shoulders which are rubbed fully, smoked for 12-16 hours with locally sourced hardwoods, and then set to rest before we wrap them. We don’t trim any of our pork, and take it straight from the source and pull it for the customer in store. 

  • Saddleback Staples - Baked Beans

    Our baked beans are a favorite amongst Saddleback sides, and we believe we offer an awesome combination of flavor to the customers. Taking about an hour to make, we start with a base of vegetable oil and onions, and cook those onions until they are translucent.  Next we add in our wet ingredients, which include dijon and regular mustard, ketchup, and molasses.  After the base and wet ingredients, we add in three different kinds of beans: Chili, Kidney, and White Northern.  The Chili beans give the dish a nice kick that goes well with chipotle peppers that we also add in.  Finally, we finish the dish with salt and pepper, along with our meat scraps, which go incredibly well with our wet ingredients and really bring out the smoky flavor customers will taste in the baked beans.
  • Saddleback Staples - Pickles

    Our pickles are made entirely in-house with a recipe that takes an interesting new look at classic food.  Rather than a condiment, Saddleback pickles are seen more as a palate cleanser, and like our cornbread is served with almost all of our dishes.  Our recipe is based in vinegar with lots of sugar and salt. We also uniquely add in caraway seeds, along with cinnamon sticks, red onions and red pepper flakes, along with a few secret ingredients we can’t share. The cinnamon and red pepper flakes really get the pickles to pop, and altogether we give the customers a truly unique flavor and high-quality pickle, which is why we view them more as a treat than a side.  While the perfect addition to any of our sandwiches, they taste just as good by themselves!
  • Saddleback Staples - Corncake

    Saddleback’s corncake is not something you’ll generally find at home or at other barbeque restaurants. Rather than a traditional cornbread, our corncake is more like a corn pudding, incredibly moist and working as a palate cleanser or dessert rather than a side. Our recipe has come a long way since we first opened our doors. At the beginning we would use jalapenos in each batch to bring some heat and kick to the cornbread, but due to labor shortages during the pandemic, we had to switch up the recipe. We now use chilis to bring out the heat the jalapenos used to, and the flavor still maintains its original integrity even with a slightly different taste. Served as a compliment with almost all of our dishes, our unique take on what most consider a very traditional barbeque side has been met with amazing customer feedback.
  • Saddleback Staples - Brisket

    Traditionally, barbeque brisket falls into two camps: Texas or Carolina style.  A Texas style brisket will have a good amount of spice, where a Carolina brisket will bring out much more sweetness in the flavor.  When Saddleback Matt was first putting together our brisket recipe, he wanted to bring together the two flavors to give customers the best of both worlds. His housemade beef rub continues to be used today, and combines a number of ingredients to bring out a unique flavor that lands somewhere in between a Texas and Carolina brisket.  Smoked for 12-16 hours with locally sourced hardwoods, we trim 16-18 per day, all in house on an old-school smoker to bring customers an aged smokey flavor and a brisket taste like no other.

  • Saddleback Staples - Mac & Cheese

    Saddleback Staples - Mac & Cheese

    Mac & Cheese is our most popular side. Saddleback Matt created the recipe when he opened our first location in REO Town, Lansing, it was immediately popular, and we have never changed the recipe and we have no plans on changing the recipe. 

    Each batch is house made and takes up to two hours to make.  We start with a roux, then add heavy cream and milk to create our base.  Eventually, we toss in a blend of Mexican cheeses including monterey and cheddar, and a Velveeta style cheese, along with a little salt and pepper to create creamy mac sauce. We use a gemelli style pasta, and incorporate the noodles once the cheese sauce is completely finished. 

    We have no plans on changing the recipe, and our version of this barbecue staple is something customers can always rely on when they come to Saddleback.