Values & Principles of Saddleback BBQ

These are the values and principles of Saddleback BBQ. These are the metrics that we hold ourselves to and that we collectively aspire to achieve. We may not always hit the mark, but we try our very best to continually improve ourselves and our organization to fulfill this promise.

  • Be the best restaurant we can be, not just the best BBQ restaurant.
  • Produce the highest quality food at all levels & exceed standards.
  • Provide the most knowledgeable & remarkable customer service that exceeds all expectations.
  • Every item on the menu must be exceptional. A bigger menu isn’t a better menu.
  • Have a kitchen/restaurant that is so clean & safe that you’d be proud to show a customer at any time.
  • Be solution focused, not problem focused.
  • Honesty, Integrity, & Respect in all interactions with customers & colleagues.
  • Have the best communication in the industry.
  • Assume the best in others and be empathetic. Especially with customers.
  • Always ask, How could this be better? Challenge all sacred cows. Push to be the absolute best.
  • Empower Others – Don’t be a bottleneck. Be Systems & Process Focused.
  • Operate from a place of positivity, not negativity.
  • Operate with logic, facts and numbers. Not from emotion.
  • Be Respectful of Everyone’s Time.
  • Bootstrap it: Do more with less & work with the tools you have.


– Matthew Gillett