Allergy Restrictions?

Here is our dietary restrictions and allergy guide: https://bit.ly/3Dzo43F


Do You Offer Custom Catering?

We would love to be a part of your event and we have lots of options for custom caterings. The best way to get started is to fill out the Custom Catering Request form, this will go to our custom catering team and we will provide you a customized quote. https://saddlebackbbq.tripleseat.com/party_request/16389


What Catering Packages do you offer?

Thanks for your interest in Catering with Saddleback! We’d love to help and be a part of your event. We have a couple of great options for catering. We have catering packages and food priced by the pound that you can order right through our website. Those are perfect for serving groups. If you’re looking for a more customized catering, we can also do that. We do everything from corporate events to 500 person weddings. You can learn more at: http://www.saddlebackbbq.com/bbq-catering

Are your Chicken Tenders made in-house?

The chicken strips were designed for our kids menu. We wanted to do two things. We wanted to give them something that they would love and we wanted it to be a very cost effective price for the parents. We spent a week making our own house made chicken tenders. We then blind taste tested it against a high quality premade tender, in all of our tests, the premade tender won and is cheaper for the parents buying them. This is very unusual for us, but it was important that we had a very tasty product but at an attractive price point. I hope that makes sense.


Do you Offer Delivery?

We offer Delivery right through Online Ordering on our website! The delivery radius is about 2-4 miles from each store. You can check if we deliver to you by using the Online Ordering tool. We offer delivery from both of our locations.

We also offer “Pork & Go Curbside Pick Up” from both locations, if you’d prefer that. You can order that by clicking “Order Online” on our website, selecting “Pork & Go”.


Does Saddleback Donate to the Community?

At Saddleback BBQ, we think that it is important to give back to the community that has done so much to support us. As a small business, we get asked for a lot of donations and sponsorships to very deserving causes. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to support them all even though we wish we could. If you are interested in having us donate or sponsor your event, please complete this form. We will have our Team at Saddleback review the requests and we will select the programs that we think best align with the mission of Saddleback BBQ.


Donation Request Form: https://goo.gl/forms/Wb32XVyjq0VqzwNE3


How do I Order Your Special?

Here is a video that will show you how to order a Special or Pre-Order with Saddleback BBQ’s online ordering system.



Is Saddleback Hiring?

At Saddleback BBQ we are always looking for great people. The best way to get started is to complete our application online here: http://www.saddlebackbbq.com/application

This will go to our hiring team and be reviewed. We will get back to you as asap.


Are You Open? Where are You Located?

Saddleback has 2 BBQ locations, and one Pizza location, with a second coming soon!

Saddleback BBQ  REO-Town (Monday - Sunday 11am - 7pm)
1147 S. Washington
Lansing, MI 48910

Saddleback BBQ  Okemos (Monday - Sunday 11am - 8pm)
1754 Central Park Dr
Okemos, MI 48864

Slice by Saddleback  West Lansing (Monday - Sunday 11am - 8pm)
644 Migaldi Ln
Lansing, MI 48917

Slice by Saddleback  South Lansing Lansing (Monday - Sunday 11am - 8pm)
3135 S. Pennsylvania Ave
Lansing, MI 48910


Are we out of an item?

The best way to check which items are in stock is to use the Online Ordering on our website. That will be up-to-date on which items are in stock at each location. Go to: https://www.saddlebackbbq.com/saddleback-bbq-online-ordering

And then select the location from which you would like to order. That will list all the products in stock and out of stock.



How do I do Pork & Go? (Curbside Pickup)

We offer Pork & Go Curb Side Pickup at both of our locations. For detailed instructions on how it works please go here: https://www.saddlebackbbq.com/pork-and-go-curbside-pickup


How do I check how many points I’ve earned?

For information on our rewards card program, called The Carnivore Club, check out this website. You can find information on how to earn rewards, how to use them, online ordering information, and checking your balance. http://www.saddlebackbbq.com/rewards-loyalty-program


Do any sides come with your meats, sandwiches, or tacos?

Our meats, sandwiches, and tacos come with a scoop of our homemade corn cake & pickles. They are very tasty but I wouldn’t say they are a full side. It’s more of a nice garnish to go with your meal. You can purchase full sides separately.


What are your Daily Specials?

We love Specials at Saddleback! We have these special days everyweek. Tuesday is #RespectThePig Day. Pulled Pork Sandwich & Fries for $9.99. Wu Tang Wing Wednesday $12.00 ($2 Off!) Fridays is Brisket Burnt Ends for $9.00. If you are worried about missing out, you can Pre-Order the specials at anytime. For instance, Brisket Burnt Ends sell out in a few hours. You can pre-order them to reserve them.

The best way to stay up to date on specials is to sign up for our text message alerts here: https://mobile-text-alerts.com/subscribe/saddlebackbbq


Where is your Sauce sold?

Thanks for your interest in our BBQ Sauces.

Sweet & Savory – Saddleback’s staple sauce. The recipe hasn’t changed since we’ve been open. It has a sweetness, balanced out by its cumin and black pepper. Our Sweet & Savory Sauce can be found on the shelves of many Lansing retailers, including: Horrocks, Monticello’s, Merindorf’s, Merts, Darrell’s, The Old Town General Store, and more! You can also order it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2SVuPHP

Michigan Mustard – An upnorth twist on a Carolina Mustard sauce. Little sweet, little tangy, little spicy. For a full powerful flavor. Our Michigan Mustard can be found on the shelves of many Lansing retailers, including: All Quality Dairy’s, Horrocks, Monticello’s, Merindorf’s, Merts, Darrell’s, The Old Town General Store, and more! You can also order it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2SVuPHP


Does Saddleback Have BBQ Sauce?

As every BBQ fan knows, good BBQ comes without sauce. But we do offer 3 awesome house-made sauces that you can apply liberally to your proteins. Or dip your fries in, no judgement here! Our 3 sauces include: Sweet & Savory Sauce, Carolina Mustard Sauce, & Spicy Vinegar Sauce. Learn more about our delicious sauces here.

How spicy are the Saddleback BBQ Sauces?

We currently offer three Saddleback BBQ Sauces. The Saddleback Red Sauce is more of a traditional Barbecue Sauce. By far the sweetest out of the three but has a little bit of spice from black pepper in it. The Saddleback Yellow Sauce is pretty mild. It has a Mustard base, Apple Cider, Vinegar and a black pepper spice note. Not overpowering spice – but there is a little heat. The Saddleback Vinegar Sauce is a Vernor’s reduction sauce. We reduce 6 two liters of Vernors down to almost a simple syrup. We cut it with Apple cider vinegar, add ketchup, Sriracha, red pepper flake and other spices. This is the hottest of the three sauces but it is not overpowering. 6/10 heat scale.

Saddleback Allergy Guide: Here

I have allergies to peanut and tree nuts. Does Saddleback have food options for me? What about sesame, fish, and shellfish?

It is always best to let us know of any food allergies when you order food at our restaurant. All allergies are a concern of ours. The severity of the individual’s allergies somewhat defines our answer. We have nuts and sesame seeds in the restaurant. We have sesame oil in the restaurant. Shellfish and fish, in general, we have used in the past but do not carry fish regularly. We do not use any peanuts or nuts directly in the foods we make. However, we can’t ensure that the places we get our products packaged do not. We sanitize everything throughout the day and would take extreme caution to try to prevent cross-contamination. However, with that being said we are not a nut allergy free zone. If your allergy is not severe and you dine out regularly without issues, I think that you will be fine dining at our restaurant. However, If there is a serious risk on your end, I would advise that you take caution. I love our brisket but it isn’t worth a hospital visit. See our Allergy Guide here.

What oil does Saddleback BBQ use to fry food?

We use zero trans fat rendered shortening (pig fat).


Why is Your Smoked Chicken Pink?


Does Saddleback BBQ offer Gluten Free Options / Celiac disease options? Dairy free options?

Saddleback BBQ does offer several gluten free options for people that are battling celiac disease or those that just prefer a gluten free diet. The custom made Saddleback BBQ sauces are gluten free. Please See Our Allergy Guide Here!

*As a full service kitchen we do have Gluten and Dairy Products in the building. We will do our best to assure that the products Gluten and Dairy Free but if your allergy or diet is life threatening with small traces we recommend talking to a Chef or Manager before consuming. See our Allergy Guide here.

What does Saddleback mean/ Where does the name come from?

Saddleback BBQ is named for the British saddleback, a distinctive type of pig with black-and-white bands making it appear as it has a Saddle on its Back. Gillett settled on the name as a tribute to his roots … sort of.

“I grew up in Mason, where there are a lot of pig farms, but I never paid any attention to them,” Gillett said. “When I was looking for a name, I did some research and came across the saddleback, which has a neat sound and an interesting look to it. That was that.” – City Pulse April 22, 2015

Where is the best place to park for Saddleback BBQ in REO Town? Is there free parking?

There is plenty of free parking all around Saddleback BBQ REO Town! You may park on the streets around the restaurant or use one of the parking lots in the map below. Very convenient and always free!

Does Saddleback BBQ offer catering? Can I order catering for my office? Do you offer a portable smoker?

Absolutely! We have fantastic catering offerings for weddings, graduations, office parties, special events, tailgates and much more. We offer a wide variety of food options that are on the menu and we can also customize a special catering with options that are not regularly on the menu including pork tenderloin carving stations, smoked turkeys, shrimp, duck and much more. Checkout our catering page or give us a call (517-306-9002) or email anytime. We also have a portable smoker that we can bring on site for truly memorable special events.

How are the Saddleback BBQ meats prepared? How do you smoke your meat?

Saddleback BBQ is a craft bbq restaurant in REO Town Lansing Michigan. We specialize in smoking four meats: Back ribs, brisket, chicken quarters and pulled pork shoulder. We have an employee on-site overnight to prepare our meats, smoke them and make sure the wood fire stays at the perfect temperature. Many of our meats have been smoked for 4-12 hours before you get to taste them! Our meat is smoked on-site in our reverse-flow smoker that we nicknamed “The Beast”. We smoke our meats using a wide variety of wood, ranging from hickory and mesquite to Michigan fruit-tree woods like apple and cherry. Our proprietary technique is what gives our product its unique flavor. Hear our owner Matt talk about our process in this short video prepared by Lansing Mosaic.

Does Saddleback BBQ take reservations? How big is your restaurant?

Saddleback BBQ Lansing (REO Town) is a relatively small craft restaurant with capacity for 31. In the summertime when we have our patio available we can comfortably serve 70 when the Michigan weather cooperates. We are a quick service restaurant and many of our customers take their food to go. So don’t be scared of our size. We will always find you a seat! If you require a reservation, give us a call (Lansing 517-306-9002) and we will try to accommodate you. However, we cannot always guarantee a reservation at Saddleback Lansing because of the relatively small size of our restaurant.

At Saddleback BBQ Okemos, we are offering limited reservations when we are able. You can make a reservation by going to this website: http://www.saddlebackbbq.com/reservations

Does Saddleback BBQ offer liquor or beer? Can I order Saddleback BBQ at REO Town Pub?

REO TOWN: We do not offer liquor or beer at this time. However, we have a great partnership with the REO Town Pub right next door. If you are looking to enjoy a libation with your meal, just order a meal from Saddleback or give us a call (517-306-9002) and we can deliver your food right next door to you at the REO Town Pub! It’s the best of both worlds. OKEMOS: We have a full-service bar that serves Beer, Wine, and Liquor at Saddleback BBQ Okemos!

Does Saddleback BBQ offer lighter food options or vegetarian options?

We do offer lighter food options like our chicken tacos and pulled pork sandwich. We do offer custom made chef salads on occasion but our customers haven’t purchased many of them. If you are interested in having salads or lighter food available more frequently, please let us know by sending us an email! We try our best to offer whatever our customers need.

Do you accept Apple Pay? Bitcoin?

Apple Pay, yes, but for online orders. Bitcoin… not yet.


Does Saddleback BBQ run out of food? What happens if you run out of meat?

It is very rare, but on occasions, we do run out of meat. Let us explain. The way that authentic smoked BBQ is prepared is a bit different than other restaurant styles. Because our meats are smoked for 4-12 hours before they are served, it means that we must estimate how much meat to prepare many hours before we open the restaurant. If we have a very busy day, sometimes we may run out of meat. Obviously it’s not something that we enjoy when we have to tell you we ran out of meat but we think it is important for us to maintain high quality fresh taste rather than serve you day-old product. It is pretty rare that we run out of meat but if you are ever unsure you can give us a call (517-306-9002) and we will tell you what exactly is available. We also try to update our Twitter feed and the bottom of the homepage whenever we run out of meats.

Do you offer Carry Out?

We do! You can order Carry Out online or by phone by calling our locations. The phone number is 517-306-9002. Carry out orders over $50 must be paid for by credit card over the phone at the time of order or placed via online ordering.

Does Saddleback BBQ offer Gift Cards?

We do! Simply come into the restaurant and we will make you a gift card in any amount that you would like or you can order a gift card quickly and easily on our Saddleback Gift Card website.

What is the best way for me to stay updated and in touch with Saddleback BBQ?

The best way is to subscribe to our email newsletter on the bottom of this page. You can also subscribe to our Daily Specials by text message at the bottom of our website. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We appreciate the support and your help spreading the word about Lansing Barbecue to your friends.

I’m Doing a Catering or Ordering Food By The Pound. How much food do I need to order for my Catering or Event?

We created a Catering Food Order Guide to help you estimate how much food you will need to order for your event or catering. Take a look at our Catering Food Order Guide to estimate how much food you need to order.

How Do I Setup a Chafer & Sterno Warming Set For My Catered Event? How Do I Put Out A Sterno?

We created a website to show you exactly how to setup and takedown a chafer and sterno set. Learn more here.