Saddleback Staples - Baby Back Ribs

Here at Saddleback, we prefer baby back ribs with a little bite to them.  We think baby backs provide a better flavor with more meat and less fat, and this taste is only enhanced by our pork rub, which brings out both Texas and Carolina flavors. We start by smoking the ribs bone-down for 4-6 hours before flipping for another 2 hours.  At this point, the bone barely pops away, giving the rib a consistency that won’t fall apart on the customer and will be easy to eat. We serve them standalone in half or full racks, but have also used them on our special Saddleback rib-sandwich.  Hoping to make its return in the near future, our rib sandwich comes in full (6 bones) and half (3-4 bones) sizes, is smothered with our sweet and savory sauce and topped with our housemade pickles on a hoagie bun.