When Cooking a Brisket or a Pork Butt: To Spritz or Not To Spritz?

Spritzing is a technique used in BBQ that is said to help keep your meat moist. Typically it’s done using a spray bottle and some sort of liquid. It seems like apple cider vinegar is the most commonly used liquid, but I’ve also seen water, apple juice, and all sorts of crazy concoctions.

Many many many of the top bbq chefs in the world promote the spritzing method. They swear by it. Saying it does wonders to help keep the bark from overcooking, giving you a deeper smoke ring, and keeping the meat more moist.

At Saddleback we go with the less popular route, we choose not to spritz our briskets. After cooking thousands and thousands of briskets, we’ve tried all sorts of different methods. But when it comes to spritzing we have not noticed a difference in the end product that gives us any reason to believe it is better.

Of course, when it comes to these arguments, no opinion is a wrong opinion, this is just the route we’ve chose to go with. Perhaps in the future we’ll stumble on a new technique that calls for spritzing and it will be far superior. Until the day we are team no spritz.


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