Saddleback BBQ Okemos is primarily a walk in restaurant.  Please feel free to join us at anytime.  Reservations are not required. We don't often have a wait for seating. When we do have a small wait, it is usually less than a 5-10 minute wait.

For parties that require a reservation, we have an online reservation system. 

We do NOT offer reservations at Saddleback BBQ Lansing (Reo Town). Only at Saddleback BBQ Okemos. 

If you have a party over 10 people or are interested in renting the entire space, please email us at



At which Saddleback BBQ locations are reservations available?
Reservations are only available at the Saddleback BBQ Okemos location. Reservations are _NOT_ available at the Lansing (REO Town) location.

Can reservations be made over the phone?
At this time, reservations can only be made online. Reservations cannot be made over the phone at this time. If you need assistance, please email