Top 6 BBQ Restaurant Myths

First of all, we love it when people come in and want to talk BBQ. It’s a passion for us and we believe very strongly that we can always learn more about our craft. While we do take a lot of pride about our BBQ, we would do things differently if we were in a competition or on our own patio with our smokers at home (talk about taking your work home with you, at least in a good way). Here are some examples about what we mean.

Bonus Myth! – That Brisket is way too fatty!
-Added April 4, 2017

Brisket is a very fatty cut of meat, which also gives an incredible flavor and it’s one of the reasons that it works so well in the smoker. That fat bastes the brisket through the long process of smoking, giving it that rich beef flavor that everyone loves so much. But, you are in luck if you prefer a leaner cut of brisket. Since the brisket is made up of two muscles that are pretty different, everyone can win. The flat part of the brisket is much leaner and if that is what you prefer all you have to do is request the lean part of the brisket. If we have it left, usually that is the case, then we would be happy to serve it to you. If you prefer a juicier cut with a little more beef flavor ask for the moist end of the brisket.

Myth 6: You have to inject your meat for great BBQ!

We don’t inject any of our meat. We use only the top cuts of meat and we honestly don’t think that they need any enhancements to make them taste good. Plus, if we injected all of our meats it would take most of our day to get this accomplished. Not to mention the potential of cross contaminating something, which is always a big concern for any restaurant. Plus, most commercial injections contain MSG which a fair amount of people are allergic too.

Myth 5: Ribs need to be fall off the bone tender.

RIbs cooked till they fell off the bone in a smoker is just a poor decision. They are not even close to being as juicy and have no texture to them at all. Sure they need to be tender and you should be able to bite clean through them with little effort, but falling off the bone? That’s just blasphemy.

Myth 4: That crispy exterior on our meat is burnt.

That crispy crust is something we take a lot of pride in. First of all, that’s where we have put all of our seasonings so if you cut this off you take away most of the flavor. Sure it looks dark and it feels dry to the touch, but trust us, if you try it you will love it. A couple of weeks ago a customer came in and tried our ribs. He took one look at the bark and automatically thought they we going to be tough, dry, just plain overcooked. He was ecstatic when he bit into them and they were juicy, tender and full of flavor. Give it a try and you will be surprised when you want to ask for a piece with more bark.

Myth 3: All good BBQ is smothered in sauce.

We love sauce and think that it has a definite place in BBQ. However, we like the opportunity for our customers to try our BBQ and to taste the bark that we have tried so hard to create. Also, we believe that you should be able to taste the type of meat that you are eating. If you coat it in sauce you might not be able to get that experience. Please try our sauces, but first try our BBQ to get an idea of all the hard work that it took to bring it to your table,

Myth 2: Food that has a pink ring on the outside of the meat isn’t cooked.

What you are seeing there is what’s called the smoke ring. Not to get complicated, but the smoke combined with the protein combines to make a rosy color on the outside of the meat. You could never get undercooked meat on the outside, all meat cooks from the outside in. So if you see it, don’t worry, we check all of our BBQ for doneness with a digital instant read thermometer.

Myth 1: Restaurants should never run out of food.

Trust us, we agonize over how much to put on our smokers and we would love nothing more than to never run out of food. However, we only have so much room on our smokers. With Wu Tang Wings on Wednesdays, as an example, we can only fit so much on at a time. In order to make everything fit, we have to make some hard choices about what we might have to cut close to get wings on for that special one day special. Please be understanding when we sell out and don’t be afraid to call before you leave to make sure we have what you are looking for. With the exception of Burnt Ends on Friday, we will reserve anything else for you.