Toast Support - Time of Day Report - Sales Summary

Toast Time of Day Sales Report
Toast Time of Day Report will sometimes show sales on times that we are not open. For instance, at this restaurant location we don't open until 11am but for some reason it shows 2 orders before we open at 10am. We were always confused about why this would happen in Toast Tab but we figured it out! 

The time of the order will be reported in the "Time of Day" Report by the "Time Opened" on the order or ticket.  So for instance, in this case we had some orders at 11:15am but the "Time Opened" on the ticket was 10:45am.  This is why those 2 orders showed up in the 10am time slot.  

So thats it!  The mystery of how Toast Records sales on the Time of Day report in "Sales Summary" is now solved.  We spent 45 minutes on hold with support so that you don't have to.