• Catering Testimonials

    "From beginning to end, Saddleback was a pleasure to work with. The whole planning process was seamless ( besides dealing with the pandemic) Nick and Brynn went above and beyond to make sure we had what we needed. For that, I can’t thank Saddleback enough. After many changed plans, Saddleback was the only original vendor we booked before COVID. I believe this is due to the wonderful staff! I knew the food would be fabulous and that was one thing I didn’t have to worry about on our day. The people, Saddleback’s people are what made everything that much better! I want to thank everyone at Saddleback who helped with our event. We got nothing but compliments and you were a part of that. Thanks for being part of our team."

    "Saddleback catered our wedding on 8/31/19. Everything was absolutely perfect! Our guests talked about how great the food was for months! The service was also excellent! I really appreciate that the staff set up and took care of the food for us. I was very glad my family didn’t have to worry about packing up the food. I can’t say enough great things about The catering at Saddleback! Thank you so much for everything!!!"

    "Thank you soooo much! The food was absolutely perfect and my guest cannot stop talking about how great it was!

    Justin and I appreciate you being a part of our special day!"

    "What a great wedding! Everyone loved the food! Great job Saddleback!"

    "You guys were awesome!!! Thanks again for everything you guys did for us!"

    "We loved having Saddleback Catering at the block party! The food was amazing!! Thank you all!!"

    "Thank you!! Our food was delicious! I personally could not enjoy most of it, but the guests sure did! I did get my hands on as much brisket as possible, and it was AMAZING. thank you again for being part of our day. We appreciate your well wishes just as much as your yummy BBQ 🙂"

    "Our nonprofit used Saddleback to cater our annual meeting after coming recommended by Lansing Foodies. Our group was blown away at the quality of food, the ease of pickup and the thoughtfulness in packaging. I would recommend Saddleback to anyone who needs catering from a reliable, friendly restaurant."


    All good food! Cornbread is awesome. People are great what more does a person want!

  • Preferred Vendor for the Best Venues

    Since 2015, Saddleback BBQ has delivered countless catering's for Weddings, Corporate Events and Social Gatherings in the Greater Lansing Area. We believe catering is more than just delivering food to an event. It is also about building a relationship with our customers, listening and understanding their needs and delivering an unforgettable meal for them and their guests.

    We serve venues and private residences and are honored to have been chosen as the 2021 Best Caterer in Lansing by ​​City Pulse Magazine. We are equally honored to be chosen as a preferred vendor for many of our favorite venues.

    We are professionals with a high level of commitment to providing the very best quality food and service. Our team of friendly, experienced staff will fully assist you, allowing you to relax and be a guest at your own event. 

    We offer Pick Up, Delivery and On Site staff. Ordering from Saddleback is simple and stress free. Call us at  517.306.9002 or simply follow this link to get a custom order immediately

    About Us
    Saddleback BBQ has been Smokin' since 2015.

    We smoke our meat onsite in reverse-flow, wood-fed smokers with simple, yet powerful housemade rubs. A lot of time and passion goes into everything we do.

    There's nothing like mouthwatering, slow smoked BBQ to make your next event a success.

  • Saddleback BBQ Awarded Best Catering Service In Lansing!

    Each year City Pulse magazine conducts its Top of the Town Contest to award the best establishments in Lansing across 9 categories ranging from bars and dining to hangouts and local arts. For 2021, there were 32,000 nominations with over 84,000 votes cast by over 9,000 people.  Saddleback is honored to be awarded for the best Catering Service!  We value our customers above all else, and our catering service is designed to make any special event that much better with delicious food.  Our catering service continues to get better each and every day, and we encourage everyone to give us a chance if they haven’t already.  We caterer formal and casual events, large and small groups, and have a wide variety of food options that everyone can enjoy!

    See the City Pulse article here:,18811

  • Important Questions to Ask Before Picking Your Wedding Venue

    Choosing your wedding venue sets the stage of the entire event, and it’s important to do your proper diligence when deciding on a location. We’ve put together some categories of questions that you should consider asking when narrowing down the location for your special day.

    Initial Questions

    These will help rule out certain venues immediately, even without a tour.

    1. Is my ideal date available? 
    2. How far in advance must we reserve the date? 
    3. Are there any other events at this venue on the same day? 
    4. How many hours can I rent the venue for?
    5. What’s the maximum number of guests your venue can accommodate? 
    6. Is there any outdoor space? 
    7. What do your different wedding packages entail? 


    You want to make sure the venue can accommodate your style by asking these questions both before and during your tour. 

    1. What are your policies, including restrictions, on decorations? 
    2. Do you provide any decorations? Are these included or for rent? 
    3. Does the venue provide place cards, table numbers, and seating charts?
    4. How early can we start decorating? 
    5. Can we go in the day before to store items? 
    6. Does the venue provide signage to direct guests? 
    7. Can we customize the facility's decor? 
    8. What is your policy on sparklers and confetti? 


    Make sure to ask your venue about their policies for entertainment. 

    1. How many people can fit on the dance floor?
    2. What times are we allowed to play music from? Are there noise restrictions? 
    3. Does your venue have a high-quality sound system? 
    4. What is the typical sound setup? 
    5. Can we bring a DJ or live band? When can they start setting up? 
    6. Can entertainment be set up anywhere in the venue? 

    Set Up and Break Down

    You do not want to be worrying on your wedding day about whether things will be setup on time, and you especially don’t want to waste effort on breaking things down.  Make sure these questions are answered before you commit to a venue. 

    1. Does the venue provide these services? 
    2. Are there fees associated with this process? 
    3. Do you have examples you can show me from past events? 
    4. Who is in charge of the setup and breakdown process? 
    5. How long does these processes take?
    6. What time do vendors begin setting up?  When do they begin breaking down? 
    7. Who will be our main contact on the day of the wedding? 

    Staff and Vendors

    You want to make sure you have the proper staff to service your event, and these are questions that should be handled before you start hiring florists, designers, or caterers.

    1. Do you provide an on-site coordinator? 
    2. Do you offer security for the event? 
    3. Do you offer valet services? 
    4. Do you provide a coat-check service? 
    5. Do you provide bartender services? 
    6. What is the service charge for any provided staff? 
    7. Is there a tipping policy for staff? 
    8. Do you have a list of preferred vendors? Must we work with this list? 

    Payment and Insurance

    Payment should be among the earlier conversations with your potential vendor, and is something that can make or break a venue. It is also important at this time to cover your bases by asking about cancellation policies as well as any offered insurance. 

    1. Is there a contract I need to sign? Can I see a sample? 
    2. What’s the total cost for your venue? 
    3. Do you offer payment plans? 
    4. What’s included in the total venue fee? 
    5. What’s not included that we should plan on paying for? 
    6. Are rates different depending on what day of the week our wedding is on? 
    7. Do I need to pay a deposit? When is a deposit due? 
    8. Is my deposit refundable?
    9. What’s your cancellation policy look like? 
    10. Do you have liability insurance? What are the insurance requirements for me and my vendors? 

    General Questions

    There are a variety of other questions that will be important to consider before choosing a venue.  You want to make sure you and your guests are going to be comfortable and accommodated, and these questions will ensure that everything operates smoothly for the duration of the wedding.

    1. How does parking work? How many vehicles can the venue accommodate? 
    2. Are services like Uber and Lyft easily accessible from the venue? 
    3. What are the nearest hotels to the venue? Are shuttle services available?
    4. Is there a backup plan if it rains? 
    5. Are children allowed?
    6. Are there changing tables for babies? 
    7. How many restrooms does the venue have? 
    8. Are there any outdoor restrictions? 
    9. How many electricity outlets are there? 
    10. Will we be able to control the air conditioning or heating? 
    11. Is there a secure space for gifts?
    12. Are there separate spades for the ceremony and reception? 
    13. Is there a specific room for the bride to change? 
  • Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Wedding Caterer

    You shouldn’t be stressed about food on one of the most important days of your life.  Having a professional catering service takes a lot of the hard work off your shoulders, and it is vital that you ensure your wedding caterer is the right choice for your special day.  Here’s a list of important questions to help you choose amongst potential caterers, and to help you find the perfect match for your wedding. 

    1. Is the caterer available on the date of your wedding? Can the caterer accommodate all of your guests? 
    2. Can the caterer service your venue, and have they worked with your venue before?
    3. Does the caterer have a license? 
    4. What references can the caterer provide, and how long have they been in business? 
    5. What amount of catering events do they do per year? 
    6. What is the gratuity policy? 
    7. What is the total cost for the event and what forms of payment are accepted? 
    8. Does the caterer provide payment plans? 
    9. How do your deposits work and what is the cancellation policy? 
    10. When does the caterer need a final decision, including food choice and guest count? 
    11. What equipment can the caterer provide? Do they provide things like napkins, plates, silverware, etc.? 
    12. What options does the caterer have for food and how is it priced? 
    13. Does the caterer offer food and drink packages? 
    14. Does the caterer provide desserts? What about wedding cakes specifically? 
    15. Is there a cake cutting fee? Will the caterer serve cake? 
    16. Where does the caterer get their food? Is it fresh, frozen, locally grown, organic, etc.?
    17. What options does the caterer provide for serving food? Buffet, individual plates, etc.? 
    18. Can the caterer create a themed menu? 
    19. Can the caterer provide specifically for children?  What about other special requests like kosher, gluten-free, etc.? 
    20. What is the policy on leftover food? Will the caterer box-up leftovers for guests? 
    21. Does the caterer allow for tastings?  If so, what do they cost? 
    22. Is there a fee associated with setting up and breaking down the equipment?
    23. Does the caterer have a food service business permit? 
    24. How many servers will be provided? 
    25. How are the servers dressed? 
    26. Does the caterer provide beverages and alcohol? Do they have a liquor license? 
    27. What brands of alcohol does the caterer provide? 
    28. How does the caterer charge for alcohol? 
    29. Will the caterer bartend? 
    30. Does the caterer have liquor liability insurance?

    It’s important to remember that even with the best planning and the highest-graded caterers, there are some things simply out of everyone’s control. This is why it’s important to consider wedding insurance, and to ask your caterer if this is something they offer.  If not, there are plenty of third-party providers that you can go to for wedding cancellation insurance.  Further, wedding liability insurance should be considered as well to protect you from guest injuries or property damage. 

    We hope these questions are a helpful guide to finding the best catering service possible for your wedding day.

  • Boxed Lunches

    Now more than ever we have requests for individually boxed lunches. That’s why we put together 3 great options which offer something for everyone. These are perfect for office parties, and events where close contact is best avoided. 


    Individually Packaged - All boxed lunches come individually packaged to ensure the safest dining experience. 

    Everything you Need - Each boxed lunch comes with 1/3lb of protein, a Detroit made bun, Corncake, Housemade Pickles, Housemade Chips, and our Sweet & Savory BBQ Sauce. 

    Multiple Options - You have the choice of brisket, pork, or chicken. Something for everyone!


    Submit a Lead Form Now (2 Minutes or less)


    Brisket Boxed Lunch: 1/3lb of Smoked Brisket, served on a Michigan bun, served with coleslaw on the side. Each lunch comes with a side of housemade chips, corncake, housemade pickles, and bbq sauce.


    Pulled Pork Boxed Lunch:1/3lb of Pulled Pork, served on a Michigan bun, served with coleslaw on the side. Each lunch comes with a side of housemade chips, corncake, housemade pickles, and bbq sauce.


    Pulled Chicken Boxed Lunch: 1/3lb of Pulled Chicken, served on a Michigan bun, served with coleslaw on the side. Each lunch comes with a side of housemade chips, corncake, housemade pickles, and bbq sauce.


  • Graduation Parties

    Graduation parties typically take hours of painstaking planning. Our catering coordinators will work with you through the entire process to make sure everything is perfect. We will advise you based on our years of experience to make sure you have the perfect menu. 

    Delivery - We offer delivery, which entails more than just dropping off the food. We will set everything up, from lighting the sternos to placing the food in the optimal order for guests. 

    Menu for Everyone - Our menu offers something for everyone, from delicious mac & cheese for children to hearty baby back ribs for the carnivore in your group. 

    Knowledgable Staff - We have a full time catering team ready to answer any questions you have or make adjustments to your menu. We have an entire team of well trained catering employees with expertise in handling large events. 

    Submit a Lead Form Now (2 Minutes or less)
  • Corporate Events

    We have a full-time catering team ready to plan and execute your corporate event. Whether you have 6 months to plan or 6 days, we’ll work with you to make it happen. 

    Flexible Meals - Our staff will work with you to plan the best meal for your situation. Whether that means individually boxed lunches, or having staff on-site to serve all the food. We will assist you with whatever requirements you have. 

    Delivery & Setup - We offer delivery, which means we will bring the food to your office and set up everything you need to have a simple, delicious meal. 

    Quick Response Time - Once you submit a lead form we will typically have a proposal over to you in 24 hours. We have full-time employees working just on helping plan catered events. 

    Submit a Lead Form Now (2 Minutes or less)
  • Weddings

    Saddleback specializes in catering services for weddings. About 70% of the large events we provide food for are weddings. In the past year we've catered over 75 weddings. 

    Staffing - Our staff is incredibly experienced. Our average employee tenure is over 5x longer than the national average for the industry. For weddings, our staff will be on-site to set up all food-related items, serve the dinner, answer questions, clean up, and package any leftovers

    Tastings - To ensure you try all of our options, we offer wedding tastings. You can bring in as many people as you would like. Sit down with our catering coordinator, try the food, and plan the dinner.

    Flexible Staff - Our catering coordinators will work with you from day 1 to the day before your wedding to ensure your menu and itinerary are perfect. 

    Quick Response Time - Once you submit a lead form we will typically have a proposal over to you in 24 hours. We have full-time employees working just on helping plan your event.


    Submit a Catering Quote Request
    (2 minutes or less)


    Important Information for Anyone Planning a Wedding! 

    Questions to Ask When Looking at Wedding Venues

    Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Wedding Caterer

  • Worried About Running out of Food at Your Wedding? Have you Accounted for This in Your Guest Count? 

    The idea of running out of food for your guests is terrifying.

    One of the largest reasons this happens is overlooking one crucial aspect. The staffing. Most weddings have 1-2 photographers, 2-3 bartenders, a catering staff, as well as staff at the venue. This can quickly lead to having up to 10% more guests than you accounted for.

    Please be sure to mention this to your caterer, it may be the difference between everyone being happy and people leaving hungry.

    Saddleback BBQ offers catering for all types of events: weddings, corporate events, picnics, tailgates, etc.

    To receive a free quote, just use this link:

  • Food for Michigan State Football Tailgates!

    We have packages that are perfect for any size tailgate. Here are some of our favorite options! To Pre-order, use one of the links below, and select the location you would like to order from!

    If you have questions, call 517-306-9002, or use the chat box on the screen to message us directly!

    3-4 Person Sampler

    • Half Rack of Ribs
    • 1/3 lb of Pulled Pork
    • 1/3 lb of Brisket
    • 1 Sausage link
    • 1 Order of Chicken Tenders
    • Your choice of 3 Sides
    • 1 Bottle of Michigan Mustard
    • 1 Bottle of Sweet & Savory
    • $79.99

    5 Person Platter Brisket and Ribs

    • Full Rack of Ribs
    • Generous Portion of Brisket
    • 1 Large Hot Side (Mac & Cheese or Baked Beans)
    • 1 Large Cold Side (Potato Salad or Coleslaw)
    • 5 Detroit Made Buns
    • Paper Plates, Plastic Ware, and Napkins
    • 1 Bottle of Sweet & Savory
    • 1 Bottle of Michigan Mustard
    • $125.00

    5 Person Platter Pork and Chicken

    • Generous Portion of Pulled Pork
    • Generous Portion of Chicken
    • 1 Large Hot Side (Mac & Cheese or Baked Beans)
    • 1 Large Cold Side (Potato Salad or Coleslaw)
    • 5 Detroit Made Buns
    • Paper Plates, Plastic Ware, and Napkins
    • 1 Bottle of Sweet & Savory
    • 1 Bottle of Michigan Mustard
    • $88.50

    Check out the time we fed the MSU Football Team!