Saddleback Staples - Pork Rinds

Still cracklin' because they're so fresh, with a nice zip of heat. 

Pork Rinds are made from pork skin sliced and boiled before getting deep fried. A 1989 New York Times article, sites the invention of the pork rind to over two centuries ago when the Spanish arrived in Mexico, introducing pork. 

The Mexican roots is where we get the idea for the sriracha seasoning on our pork rinds, which is atypical for most barbecue recipes.  Our customers were initially suspicious of the pairing, but grew to love the pork rinds, and it’s something that is here to stay.  What’s more, Saddleback is rare in the sense that we sell fresh pork rinds, which is not how most customers consume this classic food, and is not routine at most barbecue joints. 

*** Pro Tip: Use the Pork Rind as a chip while eating baked beans, mac & cheese, or french onion dip. It sounds crazy until you try it.