Saddleback Staples - Deviled Eggs

Our Deviled Eggs are a customer favorite, and we try to put our own spin on a classic recipe. The filling is stacked with Saddleback staples, including a blend of our Michigan Mustard Sauce, Spicy Vinegar Sauce, and Pork Rub.  We also top each egg with a piece of candied bacon, which is pork belly that we cure and smoke ourselves for 7-10 hours.  Each egg is finished with a little bit of paprika. This heat combines with the tanginess of the mustard sauce, bite of the vinegar, and smokiness of the pork rub to present a delicious pallet that the customer experiences on each and every bite. 

The Deviled Eggs Saddleback sells today originated from a number of new sides we tried to implement with the opening of the Okemos location. After the grand opening, these new sides were met with mixed reviews, but the Deviled Eggs were instantly loved and continue to be.  We have maintained a consistent recipe over the years, and want this to continue to be a hit at Saddleback for as long our doors are open!