Saddleback Staples - Corncake

Saddleback’s corncake is not something you’ll generally find at home or at other barbeque restaurants. Rather than a traditional cornbread, our corncake is more like a corn pudding, incredibly moist and working as a palate cleanser or dessert rather than a side. Our recipe has come a long way since we first opened our doors. At the beginning we would use jalapenos in each batch to bring some heat and kick to the cornbread, but due to labor shortages during the pandemic, we had to switch up the recipe. We now use chilis to bring out the heat the jalapenos used to, and the flavor still maintains its original integrity even with a slightly different taste. Served as a compliment with almost all of our dishes, our unique take on what most consider a very traditional barbeque side has been met with amazing customer feedback.