Saddleback Staples - Baked Beans

Our baked beans are a favorite amongst Saddleback sides, and we believe we offer an awesome combination of flavor to the customers. Taking about an hour to make, we start with a base of vegetable oil and onions, and cook those onions until they are translucent.  Next we add in our wet ingredients, which include dijon and regular mustard, ketchup, and molasses.  After the base and wet ingredients, we add in three different kinds of beans: Chili, Kidney, and White Northern.  The Chili beans give the dish a nice kick that goes well with chipotle peppers that we also add in.  Finally, we finish the dish with salt and pepper, along with our meat scraps, which go incredibly well with our wet ingredients and really bring out the smoky flavor customers will taste in the baked beans.