Saddleback BBQ & Slice Newsletter - March 3rd

Crab Rangoon Pizza, Slice Launching Lunch, St. Patty's Day, and Lent! 


Crab Rangoon Pizza - Friday's Only

Slice Testing Lunch - Tomorrow and Saturday


St. Patty's Day Special - March 17th

Lent Lobster Specials - Friday's Only


Our Newest Pizza - Our take on a Crab Rangoon!

This pizza is only available on Friday's. We view it as a unique option for Lent. If the pizza receives positive feedback we would love to add it to our permanent menu. 

The pizza is topped with all of the traditional Crab Rangoon ingredients. A Cream Cheese base topped with Mozzarella, Crab, Scallions and baked in our wood-fired oven. Once cooked, we top it with a Sweet Thai Chili sauce and Fried Wontons. 

You can pre-order now


To order, click on the link above, go to online ordering, then select Friday for your date, the pizza will be located under “Friday Specials”. 


We hope you love it!

Testing Lunch at Slice

Who wants Lunch?! Slice is OPEN for lunch this Friday and Saturday, starting at 11 am! 


We’ve had SO MANY people ask us about lunch, but we’re worried we won’t have enough business to make it sustainable. We need about 50 orders every day.We’re treating this as a test; if enough people show up, we’ll make it a permanent part of our business. 


Lansing, let’s make it happen! 


In addition to offering all of our standard pizza options, we're also selling Slices of pepperoni, cheese, meat lover, supreme, and Green & White pizzas. 


You can pre-order for lunch this Friday and Saturday

 To order, click on the link above, select Online Ordering, then select Friday or Saturday for your date.

Saddleback BBQ - St. Patty's Day Special!

Saddleback’s St.Patty’s Day special is now available for pre-order! This meal will only be available on Thursday, March 17th. 

We’re offering: 1/3lb of Smoked Corned Beef, and boiled redskin potatoes, cabbage, and carrots.  We sold the same meal last year and had some great reviews, we can’t wait to hear what you all think of it this year. 

Pre-Order Now

 To pre-order, click the link above, select either Okemos or Lansing for your location, choose March 17th for your date, the meal is under “Thursday Specials”.

Saddleback BBQ's Lent Specials are Back! 

For the past 5 years we've offered our Lobster Rolls and Lobster Bisque ever Friday during Lent. that's not changing this year! 


  • Full Combo (Full Lobster Roll, Lobster Bisque, Fries) - $18.99
  • Half Combo (Half Lobster Roll, Lobster Bisque, Fries) - $15.99
  • Full Roll - $9.99
  • Half Roll - $6.99
  • 8 oz of Bisque - $6.99 

You can pre-order now for tomorrow!

To order, click the link above, select either Lansing or Okemos for you location, choose tomorrows date, then look under "Friday Specials"




Our catering team put together a great option for office lunches during Lent! 


 1/2 Lobster Roll, Housemade Chips,  Corncake, Pickles, and a Bottle of Water 


 *Must order no later than noon on Wednesdays for Friday catering.  

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