Saddleback BBQ - GoFundMe

Recently in Lansing there has been a surge in theft and vandalism, restaurants have been disproportionately affected by these. Saddleback is good friends with, neighbors, or colleagues with all of these businesses. Naturally we wanted to help in any way possible.

We decided to begin a GoFundMe


With your help, we raised $8,621.00 to help Lansing Restaurants that were broken into recently. Each restaurant will receive a check for $1,383.60. Below is an exact accounting of every donation, GoFundMe fees, and the amount of each check.

*As a reminder, Saddleback is not taking a penny of this money and we paid $1,791.83 of our own money to advertise it to raise awareness about this issue.

Total Amount Raised: $8,621.00

GoFundMe Fees $319.38

Total After Fees $8,301.62

Amount Per Restaurant $1,383.60

Good Truckin’ Diner $1,383.60

Weston’s Kewpee Burger $1,383.60

Gumps BBQ $1,383.60

Social Sloth Cafe & Bakery $1,383.60

102 Pho & Banh Mi $1,383.60

Good Fella’s Bagel Deli $1,383.60

*Amount Saddleback Paid to Advertise the Post: $1,791.83