Restaurant Maintenance, Service & Supply Companies in Greater Lansing Michigan

Who can clean a hood system in Lansing? Who do you call to clean the grease trap in a restaurant? These are common questions all restaurant owners have! We put together this list to help other restaurant owners find restaurant service and maintenance companies in the Greater Lansing Michigan Area. 

If you have a restaurant service company to add to the list, please let us know here

Bach Electric 517-202-9365
Sparky's Electrical 517-627-5423
Hedlund Plumbing 517-627-5503
A1 Mechanical 517-272-8354
Perry Brothers 517-694-4600
Clay Brewer Refrigeration 517-749-8316
Hood Repair/Installation
Michigan Food Service 517-626-2599  (Alan or Bill) 
Swanson 269-280-6012 - (Formerly: Michigan Restaurant Service)
CLS Mechanical 517-323-8412 (Chris Starr) 
JD Wisener Electric 517-393-3202

Hot Side Equipment Maintenance: 
Michigan Food Service 517-626-2599
Hood Cleaning    
Maxim Hood Cleaning 517-455-1460
American Flooring (Okemos) 517-349-4666
General Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Maintenance     
Eye Serve 517-712-7629
Michigan Food Service 517-626-2599
Foresight SuperSign 517-999-2847