Our New Meat Rubs Have Launched!

Same flavor but with a bold new look! Both our Pork and Beef Meat Rubs have been refurbished with a professional new design that is perfect for a holiday gift or to treat yourself and your family! We offer a combo pack if you want to try both flavors, but you can also get either flavor by itself, in a 2-pack, or 4-pack! 

Sleeping Boar Dunes (Pork)

Our Sleeping Boar Dunes pork rub is inspired by the Sleeping Bear Dunes, a 35-mile-stretch of parkland covering two islands and a sizable chunk of Lake Michigan’s eastern coastline. Dunes are only one part of the equation, and the park is also known for its outstanding forests, beaches, historical landmarks, and even ancient glaciers. Here at Saddleback, we use it on our pulled pork, baby back ribs, deviled-egg filling, and our housemade chips. However, this rub is extremely versatile, and goes great with unexpected flavors like mac and cheese and potato salad.

Moo Locks (Beef)

Our Moo Locks beef rub is inspired by the Soo Locks, a major shipping canal used to travel from Lake Superior to Lake Huron and vice versa. The locks date back to the mid 1800s, and are located between Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Ontario, Canada. Both places have a city named Sault Ste. Marie, the basis of Soo Locks, which is sometimes referred to as the “Sault Locks.”  Here at Saddleback, we use it on our beef brisket, but this isn’t a BBQ exclusive rub. We recommend using it on steaks, prime rib, tri-tips, and all things beef.