Meater+ Thermometers

Meater+ Bluetooth Thermometers

Saddleback recently started selling these thermometers! We choose to go with Meater for a few reasons. Bluetooth thermometers are quickly taking over in the world of thermometers. They’re easy to use, you can check the temp of whatever you’re cooking right from your phone, and they have specific settings for almost every meat you could think of.

  • 165ft of Range
  • Easy Bluetooth Connection
  • Internal Temp.
  • Ambient Temp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my MEATER probes dishwasher safe?

Yes. We have been testing and have found no issues with durability or safety when it comes to putting your MEATER probes in a dishwasher.

We still recommend hand washing your probes to get rid of any stubborn debris.

Can MEATER function as a deep fry or candy thermometer?

MEATER should not be used as a deep fry or candy thermometer. This will damage the probe and void its warranty.

Should I be worried that my MEATER probe keeps disconnecting?

The MEATER probe uses Bluetooth to communicate to either your smart device, MEATER+ charger or MEATER Block.

With all wireless technology, but especially with Bluetooth, there are limitations on the range, especially if you are cooking with heavily insulated cooking appliances.

You should be able to get a minimum of 10ft from your probe in the open air, but certain smokers / grills and ovens (the thicker the material and the fewer gaps for the signal to escape) will cause range to decrease.

If you find that your MEATER probe is disconnecting, don’t worry, the MEATER app has been built to handle all types of disconnections, which means, when you do reconnect your cook will update, and carry on as normal.

Towards the end of your cook, we recommend keeping the connection active so you don’t miss any important notifications.

Why is my MEATER probe no longer connecting?

If you have used your MEATER Probe before, making sure the square metal end is clean is very important, as this is where the probe makes contact for charging.

Residue and grime from previous cooks may even look barely visible, which means that your probe may not have been charging since your last cook.

We recommend mixing some baking soda and vinegar on a sponge to give the ambient square end a good clean after every cook.

On the charging base itself, you could also see a build up of dirt or soot on the silver spring, which can impact the charger from properly connecting to the probe. It is advisable to give that silver spring a clean as well.

If you are still having trouble, we recommend restarting your mobile phone or tablet and making sure no other household devices are connected to your MEATER Probe.

Double check permissions:

iOS: From the Settings menu on your device, navigate to Privacy > Bluetooth and ensure that the toggle next to MEATER is switched on.

Android: From the Settings menu on your device, navigate to Apps > MEATER > Permissions and make sure that location permissions are enabled specifically for the app.

If you’re using a Samsung Galaxy device specifically, navigate to Settings > Biometrics and Security and check that Location/Find My Phone is turned on.

Why is my MEATER+ charger just flashing red when I take out the probe?

When your MEATER+ charger starts to blink red, it means that it has lost its Bluetooth connection to its probe.

Due to recent changes in the app, you might notice that when you remove your probe from the MEATER+ charger, it starts blinking red straight away, but appears as connected within the app itself.

Don’t worry, your MEATER+ is not broken. This just means that your probe found a stronger connection with your smart device. Once your smart device is no longer in range of the probe, your MEATER+ charger will automatically take the connection.

To avoid this, remove the probe from the MEATER+ charger before you open the app. This way it will blink green from the start.

Blinking red and not showing as online either way?

Your probe might not have charged properly. We recommend scrubbing the contact points before leaving in the charger to charge properly. You can find more information here.