How to Reheat Turkey?

How to Reheat a Thanksgiving Turkey

Every Thanksgiving Saddleback offers a fresh smoked turkey. This inevitably leads to questions about how to reheat the bird for later use. We’re giving out our best tips, please use them and let us know what you think!

Reheating a Whole Turkey

  1. Put whole turkey in deep aluminum pan
  2. Add about and inch of water
  3. (Optional) Put a small amount of chicken stock in the water
  4. Put in oven at 300F
  5. Check after 45 minutes, you’re looking for internal temperature of 165F
  6. If not done, place back in oven checking every 15 minutes

Reheating a Small Portion (1/3lb – 1lb)

  1. Put sliced turkey in small sautee pan on stove top
  2. Put stove on medium heat
  3. Add a small portion of butter
  4. Cook for 3-4 minutes, or desired temp
  5. Enjoy!