How to Open a BBQ Restaurant in Michigan

The first thing you need to do is negotiate a contract with a landlord, assuming you don’t already own the building. After your space is secure, the next step will be to order the necessary equipment, remembering to plan at least 2-3 months for delivery. As you wait on your equipment, reach out to a qualified architect to provide you with a drawing. These drawings will lay out the particulars for your space, including where to place your equipment, which permits you will need, and how to properly move any electrical or plumbing lines.

At this point, you’re ready to move into the final phases. Start by sending over your drawings to the Health, Building and Mechanical Departments and await their approval. As you await approval, reach out to contractors and establish a proper time for them to come and make any necessary changes to your space and install your equipment. Remember that the contractors should only do this after approvals are obtained. After all of this, reach out to the Health Department so they can conduct their initial walkthrough. With their sign off, it is time to order food and open up your restaurant. Once opened, reach out one more time to the Health Department for a second walkthrough. If there are no issues, you are in the clear, and it is time to start selling your delicious food to the masses!