How To Cook A Tri-Tip!

Tri-Tips are a great option because they’re extremely flavorful and only take about an hour to cook!

  • The first thing we like to do is Dry Prime our beef, this will give you a much better end result, here’s a link with more information on how to Dry Prime and all of its advantages!
  • Next you’ll want to do is remove the fat cap on top of the tri-tip, this is composed of a hard fat that won’t render well and will take away from the final product.
  • For seasoning we like to use Saddleback’s Beef Rub, but you really can’t go wrong here, this is completely up to you. Just make sure to coat all sides of the meat!
  • Set your smoker to 250 degrees, you’re looking for an internal temperature between 120-125 degrees. This will typically take about an hour.
  • Let the Tri-Tip tip rest for 5-10 minutes.
  • Enjoy!

Here is a quick video explaining our tips and tricks for cooking a Tri-Tip!