How to Build a Restaurant Kitchen

The first step to building a kitchen is determining the equipment needed. To do this, take an honest look at your menu items and decide which pieces of equipment are imperative and which tools will hardly ever be used.

If all it takes to avoid purchasing an expensive piece of equipment is losing one or two menu items, it may be a great idea to cut those menu items. Especially if you want to expand in the future. It isn’t just saving thousands of dollars one time, it’s saving it that money every time you open another restaurant, it’s saving money and hassle every time the equipment breaks, it’s saving time training every new employee.

Here is a list of the equipment in our kitchens:

  • 6 Burner Range with Oven
  • Single Door Convection Oven
  • Small Fryer
  • Hot Box
  • Sandwich Cooler
  • Low Boy Cooler
  • Dish Room
  • Undercounter Dishmachine
  • Triple Sink
  • Prep Sink

The next step in building your kitchen is to plan the flow of the kitchen. You want to minimize unnecessary movement. Every extra step employees have to take leads to longer ticket times, and more chances of bumping, spilling, and injury.

This step is demonstrated brilliantly by the movie The Founder.