Helping Michigan Kids During Coronavirus - Covid-19

UPDATE: You All Are Amazing! In less than 24 hours, our customers have donated more than 50 FREE Kids Meals to children impacted by the School Closings starting on Monday. Thank you!

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please let any kids that you know that may be impacted that we will be giving away at least 50 free kids meals starting Monday at 11 am at both locations!

Michigan Schools will close Monday and sadly that means some kids may go hungry. There are nearly 1,000,000 kids in Michigan that receive free or reduced school lunches. They rely on this food. We are doing two things to help.

1. Any customer can DONATE a FREE Saddleback BBQ Kid’s Meal to a child in need for $5. Every school day, we will tabulate how many kids’ meals were sold and giveaway those meals starting at 11 am until they run out.*

* If you Donate a Free Kids Meal to a child, we will collect $5 to cover some of the cost. The following school day, we will tally up the number of Free Kids Meals that were purchased and provide those to kids starting at 11 am on a first come first serve basis. You can order in the restaurant or online. To donate a free meal for a child, go to our website and click “Order Online”. Then select the “Give A Free Kid's Meal!” option. We will provide your free meal to a child the following school day.

2. During the statewide school closing, any child with a parent will eat for 50% off.**

** To qualify just use the promo code: ‘4THEKIDS’. You can place your order online or in-store. Parents must purchase a regularly priced Meat, Sandwich, or Taco to get 50% off any kid’s meal for each of their children. Limit 2 kids meals per order. Eligible Monday - Friday 11 am to 4 pm beginning 3/16/2020 and ending when the kids return to school. Only available when Saddleback BBQ is Open.


We encourage our fellow locally-owned restaurants to join this effort. If you do, we will gladly add your name to this list! Please put your restaurant’s details in the comments. Or tag your favorite restaurants that you would like to see participate in this offer.