Gluten Free Menu - Lansing and Okemos - Saddleback BBQ

Gluten Free Menu – Saddleback BBQ

When ordering any Meats or Tacos, put in the special instructions “Gluten Free” that way we will not include the Corncake, and will be sure to change our equipment!

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Item Price

1/3lb Pulled Pork


1/3lb Brisket


1/3lb Pulled Chicken


Beef Ribs

Market Price

Chicken Tacos (2)


Brisket Tacos (2)


Pulled Pork Tacos (2)


Collard Greens



Sweet Potatoes *Must request no Fried Shoestring Topping to be Gluten Free* $4.00

Potato Salad


Deviled Eggs


Caesar Salad *Must Request No Croutons*


Sweet & Savory Sauce


Michigan Mustard Sauce


Spicy Vinegar


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