Everett High School - Student Logo Competition

 Teacher Sarah Schumacher Wills and Saddleback partnered to support the arts in Lansing.

We provided a free $50 gift card to any of the students that wanted to submit a Saddleback Logo.  Thank you to all of the Students that participated! 

Corey O. 

Nishimwe J. 


Sariah D.

Melissa C. 

Colleen P.


Evelyn W.

Esther F. 


Yashua R.


Idalia C. 

Sydney W.

Nyomi H.


Christian S. 

Bidushi R.


"Community arts and arts education are essential for any successful community. Without local community arts we have no beautiful murals covering the buildings downtown, no classical music concerts in our Lansing parks, and no dancers preforming at our numerous Old Town festivals. The easiest way to reach kids and teens is through the school systems. This is why arts education must always be fully funded and assessable to all students no matter their address, gender, or ethnicity.  When Saddleback Barbeque put out a request for local artists to submit a logo redesign, I knew my students would love to leave their own marks on Lansing's culture by helping the restaurant out. My name is Sarah Schumacher Wills (aka SCHU), I am an Everett High School teacher, and I teach AP Studio Art. Thus far, my students have submitted 15 artworks in the hopes that one will be selected for the logo redesign. They were thrilled to go through the logo making steps, they were excited to get their gift certificate rewards for participating, and they are eager to see if Saddleback utilizes one of their designs. We are glad to partner with another part of the Lansing community.

Thank you - Sarah Schumacher Wills (SCHU)

Everett High School.

New Tech Department.

Visual Arts & Preforming Arts Department."