Best Ways to Eat a Tri-Tip

3 Different Ways to Utilize Your Tri-Tip

French Dip – Provolone and thin sliced Tri-Tip on a Hoagie. Put the cheese on the bottom to showcase the meat but it is in there. Add your favorite Horseradish Sauce, enjoy!

Italian Beef Sandwiches – Thinly shave your Tri-Tip. Finely mince your favorite Giardiniera, or make your own. Then place it on top of the sandwich. This was my favorite out of the three!

Philly Style – Saute bell peppers, use a few different colors, top with your favorite cheese sauce. Ours consisted of “Easy Melt” and cream of chicken. Again, time was an issue so I didn’t get crazy with that one. Tasted great!

All in all, the smoked tri-tip from Darrells Market & Hardware was a huge success. I’m confident I could have made 8 sandwiches out of the one tri tip to give you an idea of its yield.

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