Best Sauce for Brisket

Our BBQ Sauce was just named the Best BBQ Sauce for Brisket in 2021!

Saddleback BBQ is a locally owned BBQ restaurant in Lansing, Michigan. We were founded in 2016, and follow traditional BBQ principles, using all-wood smokers, and simple yet powerful ingredients.

Saddleback BBQ was named the Best BBQ in Michigan by Mental Floss

We were was named the Best Small Business in Michigan by the SBDC

Both of our sauces are Gluten Free

– Our retail products as a result of a successful Kickstarter campaign – raising over $16,000

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Sweet & Savory

Sweet & Savory is Saddleback’s staple sauce. The recipe hasn’t changed since we’ve been open. It has a sweetness, balanced out by its cumin and black pepper. Our Sweet & Savory sauce is utilized on one of Food Networks “Best Sandwiches in America”

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Michigan Mustard

An up-north twist on a Carolina Mustard sauce. Little sweet, little tangy, little spicy. For a full powerful flavor.

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