Badge & Uniform Day! - 20% Discount at Saddleback BBQ & Slice by Saddleback

Matt & Travis Saddleback BBQ Mustaches

You can tell from those mustaches, we support the great men and women of law enforcement. That's why every Monday they get 20% off at all Saddleback & Slice locations.

This is not intended to be political or divisive. We don't believe supporting the people that put their lives in danger to help us should be a contentious issue.

Every Monday, we offer 20% off to anyone who displays their Badge or Uniform while checking out in-store.*

Today we are honoring law enforcement, but this offer goes for ANYONE that wears a badge or uniform. This applies to firefighters, nurses, teachers, EMTs, paramedics, corrections officers, plumbers, BWL workers, state workers - if you proudly wear a badge or a uniform to work - come into any restaurant on Monday and you get 20% off.

Over the past seven years of operating Saddleback, we've had to call these departments far more times than we would like, and they've always come to our aid. Thank you!

*Offer only applies to in-store purchases for take-out or dine-in at any Saddleback BBQ or Slice by Saddleback locations. Must show your badge or uniform to qualify. Does not apply to catering orders.

**We, of course, do NOT support any injustice, undue violence, or discrimination. Those actions are gross and wrong and have no place in our society. We should be able to support those that support us, while also being critical of bad behavior.