Pellet Smoker




Saddleback Matt hand picked this smoker as the only one he would endorse. It's a versatile, well built, & easy to use smoker that is an incredible value. Our goal is to introduce more people to the art of smoking meat.

The grill features a bottom grill rack with large 432 sq inch cooking area as well as two additional mid and upper racks bringing the total grilling area to a massive 1060 sq inch. This stainless-steel beauty is the Ultimate 8-in-1: Grill, smoke, bake, roast, sear, braise, barbeque, and char-grill. Set temperatures from a smokey 180°F to a high of 450°F. The upgraded digital control board auto ignites the grill and automatically manages the delivery of wood pellets to maintain the set temperature — no more babysitting the grill!

Clean and transport easily with a specially-designed waste oil collector and ash plate that conveniently can be removed for easy cleanup. It also sports caster wheels that lock in place.

The 1000C’s new stainless steel prevents corrosion and offers a sleek and polished finish and lower storage cabinet.

3-year manufacturer's warranty guaranteed.



- Free Cover

- 1 Free Bag of Pellets!


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Specifications or View Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Total Cooking Area: 1060
  • Main Cooking Area: 432
  • Warming Rack: 374+255
  • BTU's: 23,000
  • Cooking Temperature:180°F to 450°F
  • Hopper Capacity: 20 lbs
  • Pellet Purge System: Digital Control
  • Electricity Rate:110V/60Hz/250W
  • Storage Cabinet: No
  • Shutdown Recycle Mode: Yes
  • Product Dimension:54"L x 29"W x 53"H
  • Package Dimension:31"L x 23"W x 27"H + 29"L x 22"W x 9"H
  • N.W.: 105 +58 =147 lbs




We are now selling Meater+ Thermometers, we think they're one of the coolest thermometers on the market!

  • Bluetooth Thermometer
  • 165 Feet of Range
  • Able to track internal temp. from your phone
  • Let's you track how much time you have left
  • Specific settings for almost anything you're cooking
  • Perfect cook every time


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It's not necessary to have a rub with many ingredients and complimenting flavors to make great bbq... but it helps


Pork Rub

We're now offering our signature pork rub to the public. It's the same rub we use on all of our pork products. If you've ever had our ribs, this is what gives them their great flavor. A little sweetness from the brown sugar, a little spice from the black pepper.



Beef Rub

This is the same rub that we use on all of our brisket. With this rub our main goal was to make something well balanced. A traditional Texas brisket rub is composed of just salt & pepper. We wanted to keep that as our foundation and build from it. A great rub for any level of bbq interest, whether this is the first brisket you've ever made or the 10,000th we think you'll enjoy this rub!



BBQ Sauces

Saddleback has had three staple sauces since we first started. Two of the three are now available for sale. You can find them at both Saddleback locations, as well as many retailers in the greater Lansing area, including Horrocks, Quality Dairy, Monticellos, Merts, Darrell's, Merindorf's, Old Town General Store, and more!


Sweet & Savory

Since we opened our doors 5 years ago this has been our most popular bbq sauce. It's a sauce anyone could enjoy. This is our spin on Kansas City style sauce. Goes well with almost anything from brisket and ribs to chicken tenders and french fries.


Michigan Mustard

An up-north twist on a Carolina Mustard sauce. Little sweet, little tangy, little spicy. For a full powerful flavor.


BBQ Pellets

We're now selling pellets we chose to go with a well respected Michigan company. Smoke Ring BBQ is nationally recognized as one of the best pellets on the market. Currently we're offering the Oak flavor and will be looking to add more types of woods and blends in the future!