How To Setup A Chafer & Sterno Set For My Catering

Step 1. Place wire chafers in desired location.
2. Uncap sternos (heat source) and keep lids.
3. Place sternos in indentation of bottom of each chafer, two per charter.

4. Place empty aluminum pan into chafer.

5. Fill bottom of chafer with water so the water covers the bottom.
6. Place food, keeping in aluminum pans in case in, in chafers on top of aluminum pans with water in them.

7. Light the sternos.
8. Note: check aluminum pans with water to make sure they still container water every 30-45 min. If they are low on water add more water to fill bottom.
9. Note: to put out sternos snuff with lid, if it is metal, or snuff with metal spoon. Once sterno is no longer burning, place lids back on and dispose or keep to reuse.