Catering FAQs

How much food do I need to order? The best way to estimate this is to use our Food Ordering Guide. As a general rule of thumb plan on 1/3lb of meat per person, and a 1/2lb of sides per person.

Does Saddleback provide plates and silverware? We offer disposable plates and silverware. We charge $1.25 for each guest.

Does Saddleback bartend events? We do not, we used to offer this as a service, but since eliminating bartending from our restaurants we no longer have trained bartenders.

Does Saddleback have vegetarian options for catering? Yes we do, we have multiple side options, and for entrees we offer jackfruit sloppy Joes — this option typically receives great reviews!

Does Saddleback have gluten free options? Yes we do, almost all of our meats and some of our sides are gluten free, be sure to check out our allergy guide for a complete list of options.

Does Saddleback Offer Bartending Services? No we do not, we recommend checking out, they offer a great mobile bar and take care of sourcing bartenders for your event – a typical event in the Lansing area costs about $950 (this doesn’t include labor).

How much does a whole hog cost? The price of a whole hog varies greatly depending on the time of the year and the size of the hog. Aside from the price of the hog, you should keep in mind the on-site smoker fee ($750), and the cost of the labor ($50/hour). We usually recommend folks go with pulled pork instead. It is a much more cost effective option.

How much time in advance do we need to place our order? For a custom catering order/large events we need about 2 weeks notice. For events of 30 people or less, you can place them using our Online Ordering system — we can make these orders on demand.