Brisket School - July 18th - Saddleback BBQ

Christmas Brisket School - January 15th

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Saddleback Matt & Team teaches a 1-2 hour class on everything you need to know about Brisket. From trimming to smoking. You will receive a Saddleback Beef Spice Rub, Sweet & Savory BBQ Sauce, Michigan Mustard BBQ Sauce, Butchers Paper, & Gloves.

 We will limit the class size so that the students can ask questions and engage with Saddleback Matt. This class is designed for beginner to casual barbecue fans. It is not a competition class. Attendees should leave with a good understanding of what it takes to cook a great brisket in their backyard. 

When: January 15th at 11 am 

Where: Saddleback BBQ in Okemos (1754 Central Park Dr.)