$10,000 Corporate Partnership with Slice by Saddleback

$10,000 Corporate Partnership with Slice by Saddleback

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$10,000 Partnership - Name and Build a Custom Pizza! Get your business name in front of thousands of people. This will serve as a phenomenal advertisement for your company. You will get to name your own custom pizza. You can select from one of our existing specialty pizzas, or you can pick the toppings yourself! Every time someone orders the Pizza they will see your business name. Every time someone orders your pizza, your business name will print on the receipt. In addition, we will promote your pizza on our Facebook page and our website. The pizza will be on the menu for at least one year. How cool will it be to come into a restaurant and order YOUR very own pizza? Baller. 

You will also receive:

  • Your businesses name on our Founders Plaque
  • Advertised on our websites Founders page
  • Includes a minimum of two posts on Saddleback's Facebook page (over 32,000 followers)
  • Your business logo on the online ordering menu
  • We are only offering TWO partnerships


Email info@saddlebackbbq.com for more details!

    Opening a restaurant takes considerable upfront capital. Hiring new staff, training the staff, equipment upgrades, purchasing enough food to successfully launch, paying for inspections, new signage, new software/hardware, internet, etc, all lead to a HUGE risk. We want to ensure Slice is open for the long haul, the first 18 months could make or break us. That is why we're starting this program. If the program is successful it will rid us of enormous upfront risk.