Saddleback Easter Feasts 2023 (April 7th - 9th)

Saddleback BBQ is smoking Michigan Raised Hams this year and making all of the sides to go with it.  

 Each meal includes: Smoked Ham, Garlic Butter Mashed Potatoes and Pork Gravy, Stuffing, Dinner Rolls, Mac & Cheese, and Creamy Sweet Potatoes.

  • Half Meal  
    • Half of a Ham
    • Feeds up to 4 People 
    • $124.99 
  • Full Meal 
    • Full Ham
    • Feeds up to 8 People 
    • $219.99


Ordering Details

You can pick your meal up, cold, on the Friday and Saturday before Easter (April 7th & 8th), or you can have pick your meal up hot and ready to eat on Easter Sunday (April 9th). 
Available at both Saddleback BBQ locations (Okemos and REO Town).
You're taking care of the sides? You can order just the ham!