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A perfect treat to try at home!


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Occasionally you’ll get a cut of meat and it will be much darker than you’re used to. This is referred to as a ‘Dark Cutter’. So what causes meat to become dark? 

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High-Quality Food, No Frills, Crazy Prices

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There are three main reasons meat will be tough:

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Please join our Smoking & Grilling Group for Video Tutorials from Saddleback Matt! 


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Spritzing is a technique used in BBQ that is said to help keep your meat moist. Typically it’s done using a spray bottle and some sort of liquid. It seems like apple cider vinegar is the most commonly used liquid, but I’ve also seen water, apple juice, and all sorts of crazy concoctions. 

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This is an ongoing debate, and I don’t expect this will end it. At Saddleback we always cook our brisket fat side up. 

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As is often the case with BBQ, when smoking a pork butt the thermometer should be one tool that you use, but is not the be all and end all. 

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Ghost restaurants are quickly gaining popularity. Mainly because you can offer the public new menu items and “launch a new restaurant” with very little investment. Ghost restaurants have far less risk than a traditional restaurant, and make your existing brick and mortar location more efficient.