Designing Saddleback BBQ's Dessert

Deciding the perfect dessert to offer at Saddleback BBQ was more difficult than you might expect. Since all of our products are cooked ahead of time, it only takes us a few minutes to deliver your food to your table. It was important that the dessert we offered could be delivered to you quickly. Not only that, the dessert would have to be made from scratch and it would have to taste great with our Craft BBQ menu.

Baking is very different than cooking BBQ.  Unlike BBQ, baking is extremely precise. If your recipe measurements are off just a little bit, you can totally ruin what you’re baking. On top of all this, we have an extremely small kitchen that isn’t exactly designed for baking.  

So, Saddleback wasn’t really set up for a successful dessert menu and we didn’t have the expertise on our staff to solve these problems.  That is when we knew we had to bring in someone from the outside to help us. Luckily, we found Brandi!

Brandi Kelly is now our pastry chef. Her idea for dessert was a Whoopie Pie. Two chocolate cakes sandwiched around a cream cheese filling. This delicacy originated in Pennsylvania Dutch country and can also include either a pumpkin or a carrot cake. Once Brandi introduced us to her interpretation of these pillows of heaven - we were hooked. Not only were they something that people could recognize in our display case, but they fit our model of making things from scratch. We were blown away from the responses that the pies received and it’s not uncommon for people to just stop in and see what we have come up with for this week

Brandi has been a welcomed addition to our staff and we are lucky to have her. She has fit right in with our rough and tumble crew. We are excited to see what new creations and twists she can put on her whoopie pies and if you have any ideas for our next creation please feel free to mention something on our Facebook Page.